Cloudflare Email adding another email

I love the idea of email but it’s been a little shakey.

Obviously it has a beta tag and ultimately it’s been working GREAT overall, but a few things.

I added a new email to confirmation with the actual email box when adding a forwarder, it sent the confirmation, but the confirmation said it didn’t work, but switched the state to confirmed successfully, this has happened a few times but it’s working.

However, this new email, [email protected] after being confirmed 3 times, shows up in the panel but after refreshing it vanishes, and allows for another confirmation. The emails send fine, confirmations happen, with the same error listed above of it saying it doesn’t work but it actually does confirm in the panel, then refreshes and it’s gone again.

I can provide any details needed or any workarounds that might help would be nice, as we can’t currently use the email at all.

Cheers and awesome work to the team working on email!