Cloudflare Edge Data Center on Long Island, NY, please?

After seeing this announcement, I realized that the nearest PoP/DC to my house on Long Island besides Newark, NJ is Philadelphia, PA. The latency increase that would occur if the DC in Newark, NJ completely goes down would be a lot for anybody in Long Island using Cloudflare services (Cloudflare is everywhere on the web, so basically everyone). Also, Long Island isn’t a remote area either, with the two major counties housing an estimated population of about 3 million people (an average density of about 2,500 people/mi^2). Simply put, I’m asking Cloudflare to please put an Edge Data Center on Long Island. Thank you.

My geography may be off, but the latency to PA from Long Island is ~40-50 ms. This is not going to be a significant element in the overall site loading time.

Most of my users actually end up using a POP much further away than that, and the transmission latency is not a major concern.