Cloudflare Edge Certificates Pending Validation

Hi Support,

I have one domain with www that has an active status and another without www on pending. How do I solve this?

I am new to this. So appreciate some guidance.

The www is on a CNAME setup, but the naked domain has an IP address pointing somewhere else. There is no TXT record which looks like a DCV record, so certificate validation will fail.

It looks like you previously had a wildcard Universal certificate. Did something change recently with your domain?

Hi Michael,

The CNAME setup is configured in the cpanel of the server with the value “pointing” to Cloudflare. The other A types are pointing to a domain.

CNAME with value
CNAME with value

Everything is auto populated and there is no space to edit or add additional records. There is an on/off switch at the end to Use Cloudflare. In this case, both the above CNAME are switched on to use Cloudflare.

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