Cloudflare Edge Certificate - Where to download for deployment

I recently purchased a Advanced Edge Certificate for installation on my webserver.

Where can I download this cert to import it on the webserver?


You have probably misunderstood something. Advanced Certificates aren’t for your webserver, they are deployed on Cloudflare’s Edge.

If you need a certificate for your webserver, you can get an Origin Certificate.

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The problem I have is, I cant install 2 certificates on my webserver.

I have the origin certificate installed, but I need an public externally facing certificate for my email of me webserver (

Right now, with the Origin CA installed, my emails are failing SSL. If I install the old certificate for my domain which is still valid, then cloudflare fails TLS with Strict TLS enabled.

How can I fix this?

If the certificate was valid, then Full (strict) shouldn’t be failing. What kind of certificate is this, and which hostnames does it cover? When does it expire?

Cloudflare’s Origin Certificate cannot be used for email, so you’ll have to get a valid and publicly trusted certificate from somewhere else, for example LetsEncrypt.
Many hosting providers support LetsEncrypt, though it does require additional configuration in Cloudflare to allow ACME HTTP challenges to reach your server in most cases.

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So just so im on the same page with this.

If I have a Publicly signed certificate from a trusted CA on my website. Can I enabled Full / Strict SSL Encryption Mode in cloudflare with having to install a Origin CA?


Yes, publicly trusted certificates work with Full (Strict).


And I cannot purchase a new public certificate when mine expires from Cloudflare correct?

Can you please rephrase the question? I don’t understand what you are asking.

Can I purchase a publically signed cert from a trusted CA from within cloudflare for use with my server?

You do not normally ever purchase a publicly trusted certificate from Cloudflare, so your question does not make sense.