Cloudflare Dyndns Update A Records

Hey guys, I have a problem with updating 1 of 2 A records

i have a dynamic ip and currently run my domain through a docker server with traefik.
This works fine, but I have the problem when the IP address changes, only one of 2 A records changes

to change the ip address, i use a docker container that sends the current ip to cloudflare and changes the entry

I have the ip address marked which does not change
see screenshot

If your doing this via the Cloudflare API I would verify that the API request is correctly formed and if you are able to send the API request outside of the container for example using curl.

it sends the request correctly, but unfortunately i have no way to select which a record it should change. i would also be happy with an alternative like a client to change that.

I’ve done this in the past in Python, I don’t know what your using but the request I was using was
PUT zones/:zone_identifier/dns_records/:identifier

The identifier being the record I was attempting to change.

Are you sending two requests to update both IPs? This is the way I did it but feel free to share how your doing it and we might be able to figure something out :stuck_out_tongue:

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