Cloudflare/DynaDot/Azure Static Website Blob

Sorry for variable assignments: ProperAddress and AzureAddress, there is a restriction on the number of urls I can have in a post.

I have a simple web page hosted as a blob static website on Azure.

  • there is no ip address for such a website
  • i have a url which is my site (let AzureAddress be this address)
    • there is an automatic redirect to index.html upon accessing AzureAddress
      I have the domain (let ProperAddress be this) registered with dynadot.

I cannot do an A record on Cloudflare or dynadot because there is no ip address.

I can setup dynadot to do a 301 forward to ProperAddress

  • now my site can be accessed through ProperAddress
  • when I enter ProperAddress in the address bar, it redirects it and it shows the site, but now it says AzureAddress in the address bar.

My objectives are as follows:

  • I want people to be able to enter ProperAddress into the address bar, and get to my site (already works).
  • I want people to be able to enter ProperAddress/dir/page.html and get to /dir/page.html (already works).
  • I don’t want the address bar to ever show AzureAddress (doesn’t work).
  • I want all my traffic to go through Cloudflare (doesn’t work).

I imagine the solution is something like the following:

  1. user enters ProperAddress into address bar
  2. dynadot uses 301 forwarding to forward user to wwwProperAddress
  3. Cloudflare handles wwwProperAddress and has wwwProperAddress as an alias (CNAME) to AzureAddress
  4. all traffic is proxied through Cloudflare at wwwProperAddress

user --(enters ProperAddress in addr bar)–> dynadot (ProperAddress) --301forwarding–> wwwProperAddress --> Cloudflare --> Cloudflare (proxy) --> AzureAddress

…–< address bar shows wwwProperAddress/indexhtml, and all traffic is going through (proxied) through Cloudflare.

Is this possible? Am I on the right track?

I have ProperAddress 301 forwarding on right now with dynadot, but even if I put www CNAME AzureAddress in Cloudflare, going to wwwProperAddress says cannot connect to server.

I have 2 MX records with Cloudflare going from ProperAddress to mailDotProtonmailDotCh and mailsecDotProtonmailDotCh (I use protonmail as my email provider) and both of these DO work (I am able to send and receive mail from [email protected] using my [email protected] So it almost seems like Cloudflare is somewhat involved, but not.

Basically I want to use Cloudflare but I don’t have an IP address. So I have to use dynadot forwarding, but then my address bar shows the Azure url (AzureAddress) rather than ProperAddress, www or otherwise.