Cloudflare during hosting outage

Hi, we have Cloudflare installed but I’m not sure if it does what it is supposed to.

When there is hosting problem and the website can’t be loaded, I would expect that thanks to Cloudflare users will see the last version of the website and they can still read the content. But instead of it, the user sees server error or Cloudflare Error. Is there something misconfigured in my settings? Or Cloudflare can’t do this?


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I’d enable Always Online

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thanks, it was already enabled, still we can see the hosting error messages. I just checked the settings, there is Update button next to the Always Online switch, so I’ll try that.

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That means that the Cloudflare POP (or Cloudflare as a whole) didn’t have your website cached.
Cloudflare can do what you are looking to do. However, it would be best to have redundancy in your setup or demand better uptimes to your host.


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