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I found a few older posts on using the dummy IP of in order to make a Page Rule for a permanent redirect, but I need to double check officially that this is still the case so I am not having hanging IPs. If so, where is there an official list of Dummy IPs for Cloudflare? I am just concerned about the security implications of having an open IP that I am not fully confirmed on the official usage, this is my first experience with “dummy IPs”. Any additional context would be great, thanks!

You can find a list of reserved IP addresses that are not assigned publicly here: Special IP Address Ranges and When to Use Them | Auvik is not one of those though. is what I usually see recommended, and it is also on that list of reserved IPs.

Where did you stumble upon the 1.2.3 version?

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Gotcha, okay so are these “special IP ranges” not specific to Cloudflare and a general reserved IP address range designated by the IETF.

I found that IP here:

But I am glad I followed my intuition and not trusting some random blog!

Thanks, I will use “” as a Dummy IP to point my records to so I can redirect with page rules on Cloudflare

Instead of a proxied A record with a TEST-NET-1 IP, I am now partial to creating a proxied AAAA record with the Discard-Only prefix of 100:. I like that it is nigh impossible to mistake it for anything else.


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