Cloudflare dropping all my emails

I have set auto forwarding rules from gmail to forward certain messages to a custom email address. This custom email address is configured to send the message to a worker. This setup was working properly two days back, but now all the emails are getting dropped before reaching the worker.

Are you talking about the result in the Email Routing dashboard?
If so, Email handled by workers currently show as Dropped, and that doesn’t mean they didn’t work.
Email Workers erroring shows differently, example:

You can tail your email worker to see the emails reaching it/any errors/logs. If the emails are not properly being forwarded to your inbox, check your worker code.

My bad. The emails are getting delivered to the worker properly. I got diverted from the actual issue which is in my worker due to the message shown in the cf worker dashboard. Thanks!

Ok, indeed, but logs are not easy to parse so. I cannot make a difference between “really dropped” email and the one that went through Email Workers.

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