Cloudflare drains my server resources

Hello there!
I need help troubleshooting why Cloudflare crawls my site very frequently, draining most of my server resources in the process. The weird thing is that 99.9 percent of the url it crawls is
//wp-login.php and /wp-login.php.
This behaviour is strange. I would have thought it is the work of hackers if the IP address didn’t show it’s Cloudflare.
Please guys, help. What’s really happening, and how can I at least limit CF’s crawl rate?

Cloudflare doesn’t crawl sites. You’re seeing Cloudflare IP addresses because your server isn’t restoring Visitor IP addresses.

So those Cloudflare IP addresses I see are my visitors’ IP addresses? Please how can I know if it’s good or bad traffic? The crawl rate doesn’t seem human at all.

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