Cloudflare downtime?

Hello there!

We are new on Cloudflare and start to use it. But we wonder how many hours our website down?


Usually the propagation takes place within a few minutes upto max 48 hrs. You can also reduce the downtime if you’ve follow the :point_down: doc:

You may also share your site in Preformatted text if you need further help from community.

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Oh thanks a lot!

Generally, your website would only be down for a few seconds during a switch to Cloudflare. While it may take a few hours until DNS caches have expired and people actually start using the connection by Cloudflare, your website would still be available during this time.

There are exceptions to this, for example if you start using a Cloudflare Origin certificate immediately after the switch. This would cause your website to be unavailable until DNS caches have expired.

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Thank you so much Laudian! You explained too clear…

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