Cloudflare Downloads incomplete

I have R2 set up to deliver some files to WooCommerce. They are big files, many around 2 gigabytes. When downloading, 20% of the time or so, the file is arriving incomplete, but ‘looks’ complete. These are .zip files so they will not decompress. Same files on S3 seem to work fine, but I’m hoping to use R2 to save egress charges.

Any idea why so many files would fail. Worse, it’s not even that they fail, they just THINK they are compete, the name shows up as if it’s downloaded, but they are not complete.

I’m a rookie, apologies, I just have no idea even where to start trying to figure out this one.

What link generation method are you using - presigned URLs via an AWS SDK or something else?

Are you sure your file was uploaded correctly? Try downloading it via a manual method and seeing if the file looks right.