Cloudflare downloading tons of data during live stream

We are a church and during COVID-19 we are live streaming our service on Sundays to a page on our website using a vimeo service. The stream isnt located on our server, it is just an iframe on a page that points to vimeo so the user should never hit our webpage with the video yet during the stream, our firewall reports 40G of downloads to our web server public IP in about an hour time frame. I did a WHOIS IP and all of the heavy downloaders are cloudflare IP addresses.
IP Bytes
|| 1353920046 |602|0|0|0||Cloudflare|
|| 1235950399 |439|0|0|0||Cloudflare|
|| 1114349645 |657|0|0|0||Cloudflare|
|| 1057981078 |498|0|0|0||Cloudflare|
|| 1049478135 |385|0|0|0||Cloudflare|

(this is just a small sample… there were a lot more)

Does anyone understand this traffic? Our live stream performance has been terrible and I need to understand why all this data is moving across our webserver public IP.

You’d have to search your server logs to see which resources they’re hitting.

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Which kind of logs? windows server? iis?

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