Cloudflare download error from COMCAST ASN7922


I have a big website with more than 50K users and for the past 3 days, the people from the US from the ASN 7922 COMCAST can’t download anything from my website.

They get Failed - Network error after a few seconds.

I checked what was the correlation between these customers and it’s only the ASN and the fact they were using HTTP/3.
I disabled HTTP/3 and I’d say that 50% of them could download the files (still with impacted performances) but for the other it’s still not working.

I’d appreciate any help to sort it out since the paid support is not responsive at all and didn’t helped but saying I missuse the etag which is completely off-topic.

Thank you.
Domain name:

This looks oddly similar to my experience over in Slow/Unusuable page loads with Chrome 124, HTTP3 / TLS 1.3 and perhaps comcast The first hop is also ASN7922 FWIW. For me also turning off TLS1.3 fixed the rest of the issues for users.

Hello Alex, thank you for your help. I checked and I have TLS 1.1 selected in Cloudflare.
I see that you never get a help from Cloudflare too, not sure if you have a paid plan but I do and I am really unsatisfied with the support here.