Cloudflare down on all our websites

I had to turn off Cloudflare on some of the websites so they are not down but I left Cloudflare running on fountainwire com and act-test.fountain-city com and stagefountain-city com. I just tried to load these sites and they load once fine and then when i refresh it loaded but took 15 seconds, which is incredibly slow (considering it was loading in at 1.5s up until yesterday with 98/100 page speed results from google). If I turn off Cloudflare on it loads in under 2.5s.

Refreshed stagefountain-city com again just now, it loads only partially with broken layouts, refresh again 502 error, refresh again, loads fine. It just keeps giving different results.

meanwhile my ISP Rochen say they can’t see any IP from Cloudflare blocked, nothing is wrong with the server, loads are all nominal and no error messages.

I’ll try next Judge’s suggested steps.

PS so annoying I can’t put links or images in my posts…