Cloudflare down last night?

According to uptimerobot one of our websites was out last night for 6 minutes and the timeout was not due to our server (our other sites were fine) but Cloudflare:

06-12 17:16:13 Cloudflare Timeout (523) 0 hrs, 9 mins.

Since Cloudflare doesn’t seem to have direct support, I had no way of checking. Anyone knows anything or has experienced a similar situation?

Cloudflare had a scheduled maintenance last night, but it was not supposed to affect websites. You may want to check past events at:

Thank you. This is very useful.

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Excellent. I had a hard time finding this link by following the support menu. I’ll bookmark it for future reference. Thank you.

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You may also find a link to the Status page in the footer of the site.

Thank you. Appreciate the help.