Cloudflare Down? (India)

Hi there,

My all websites is facing very low speed and it gets “Site not reachable” sometimes, this is happeing since yesterday night. I am still facing this same problem.

I didn’t touched/updated my Any DNS records since last few weeks, and it was working previously, but from yesterday i am facing lot of issues.

My Location is India

Without knowing the domain name, we can’t help.

it seesm working for now, but since last 2 days, i was facing this issue. I don’t if it happens again.

Again facing this same issue on all of my sites, I am having 5 to 6 sites all are down or sometimes very slowly, it was working good since my last comment, but now this happened again.

The site is loading in Mumbai through testing at GTMetrix and Dotcomm tools:
GTMetrix waterfall shows it’s loading through Singapore, which isn’t surprising since Cloudflare’s India POPs are pretty busy, so free plan sites are often rerouted.

Next time you check your site, try and see which datacenter it’s going through.

By the way, if you’re ever wondering if “Cloudflare is down”, check
Cloudflare very extremely rarely goes “down.” Traffic will get rerouted to a different datacenter if your local one isn’t accepting connections.

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