Cloudflare down in Canada

We have an enterprise account.
We’re in Canada,
Site is unreacheable from Canada,
The issue? Bell Canada has outages because of wind.

In my 23 years in Internet business I learned quickly to never rely on Bell Canada. Why only 1 link to the rest of the World?

Thanks. I use a VPN right now to access my site.

1 Like does not mention anything of that sort. That does not necessarily mean there cant be an issue, but it is an indicator.

How are you determining that Cloudflare is down? Which datacentre? Which domain are you talking about? Did you already contact your support engineer? With an Enterprise account I’d expect a very swift response.

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Hi @carlramsay, I’m visiting soon and want to make sure I’m connected! So, I checked recent tickets and don’t see any issues with Bell Canada recently.

+1 to comment from @sandro, will show network issues, I’d check with your host to see if they’re showing trouble.

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