Cloudflare dosen't like any vanilla CNAME with CDN = Error 1016


Entering a CNAME target for my “www” hostname, to destinations managed by certain providers (cough aws cough) results in a 1016 error when the Cloudflare cdn feature is turned on.

This appears to happen when the target CNAME is managed by route53, but it worked when I CNAME’s to an A-record which is managed by my registrar.

namecheap managed cname target = success
aws managed cname target = fail

Why does Cloudflare fail when asked to interact with AWS?

It should very well follow the protocol standards to the letter and forward my traffic off and away.

If they are in a product war, it just wasted my time and burned out my afternoon. I’m very, very sick of looking at that “1016” page, and it’s enough to put me off Cloudflare entirely.


Does your CNAME point to something like ?

I have one bucket at AWS I use for a static website. I forget the exact process I used at AWS (I can dig for it if necessary), but I have a root CNAME and a www CNAME that both work. Though, admittedly, I have a Page Rule that redirects ‘www’ to my root domain. Without that redirect, I get a “Bucket Not Found” error. I have both CNAMES set to :orange:.

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