Cloudflare don't work con third level

I have registered a domain “” with a register and I use Cloudflare how Name Server.
I have add third level “” but don’t working… someone can help me?

I have a free account in Cloudflare.

So you want to add a third-level domain to Cloudflare? That would not work. Cloudflare only accepts domains immediately beneath a public level.

so I cannot add a website if I use

That wouldnt be a domain, but a hostname.

You simply add the domain to Cloudflare in that case and then configure the hostname.

but in this way a cannot configure MX of mail [email protected] . Right?

You can, you will still do this on Cloudflare, by configuring an MX record for

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I tried but don’t work…

Does not work is always a very helpful explanation :wink:

WHAT does not work?

This will send all emails for your pec domain to

When I change my nameserver with Cloudflare, my mail provider sent me an automatically message:

“The control showed that no MX Record is configured for the
mail management.
It is therefore necessary to check the current configuration and set
correctly the MX record of the certified domain:”

What is your domain in the first place?

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