Cloudflare don't read our user certificates



Hi. We have free plan on cloudflare. We want to read users certificate. When we don’t use cloudflare our website can do this when user try to login. User’s browser read certificate from user and add to request header and send to our backend. Now when we activate cloudflare browser does not ask user certificate and redirect to our backend without certificate. Now my question is how we achieve this? Is It possible with free plan or not?


CloudFlare terminate the TLS connection on their equipment, so your backend will not see the client certificate being presented. (From your Origins perspective, CloudFlares servers are the client.)

There is an upcoming feature called TLS Client Auth.

This was discussed on the community before. Right now it is available on Enterprise Plans only, talk to your Solutions Engineer & Customer Success Manager. According to this blog post:

within the next year, we’ll be adding TLS client authentication support for all Cloudflare plans.


Thanks for your information