Cloudflare dont read name servers

Hey, i have the domain name with Cloudflare, and yes, i alredy changed nameservers, but, it dosent read it! I DONT KNOW WHY! I even tried to delete my website from Cloudflare and re enter it but nothing! Can someone help me?

I You have four namservers assigned

Name Server: AMY.NS.Cloudflare.COM

Name Server: APOLLO.NS.Cloudflare.COM


DNSSEC: unsigned

Delete the Awardspace NS or the CF NS from you domain.

I cant, because thats how i host my domain… Or there is another way to host it?

Nope. The bigger problem is those four name servers might not even return the same IP address for your site. Regardless, Cloudflare won’t work if you have non-Cloudflare name servers set for your domain.

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