Cloudflare don't find my domain

I’m trying to set my domain but seems like Cloudflare does not see him.

The domain is working ( but Cloudflare wont detect any DNS record, the account email confirmation thoes not delivered and when I set manually the DNS and try to register the NS in, I receive an error telling that site can’t be reached.

Samebody could help me please?

The domain is pending in your account, waiting for an update to your nameservers:

$ dig ns +short

I don’t see any issues as to why they would not update. How long ago did you ask your domain registrar to change them to the two that are assigned by Cloudflare (shown on your DNS app of the Cloudflare Dashboard).

And, it looks like we’ve detected and imported a dozen or more records and the two that are :orange: are as they should be.

This tip has some other ideas, Community Tip - Fixing “Pending Nameserver Update”

It is because when I try to make the change the domain registrar gives the error telling the site can’t be reached and don’t make the change.

I already register others domains in Cloudflare but never see this

I tried the same thing again but now the DNSs registers could be find.

I gonna try again make the NS register.

anyway, Tank’s for your reply @cloonan

Still getting the error on registrar.

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