Cloudflare domains keep getting purged (deleted)

This is now the second time that one or more of my client websites that use Cloudflare (setup via the Cloudflare API) have had down time because Cloudflare has purged them from my Cloudflare partner account. I cannot continue to have this happen, so I’m trying to understand how to mitigate this.

Looking in the audit log clearly shows that they were purged. Some of these domains have been setup for years and some for more than a few months.

Does anyone have any clues as to why this is happening and how I can keep this from continuing to happen?

The attached screenshot shows that 3 domains were purged at the same exact time with no rhyme or reason.

On 5/31 a delete request for the near zone was received from the same IP the zone was originally provisioned from (and reprovisioned from today ad the same user account). The purge request today was just the deleted zone being removed from our DB. If you have log on your server you may check those for who/how that was initiated.

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