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I have started using Cloudflare Domains for some of my domains and it works great, however, I was not able to find information about email forwarding. I did find a few threads, but usually they seem to deal with either Cloudflare providing free webmail UI with each domain or how to set up DNS so that email goes to the user’s mail server.

I am curious about neither (or both, depending on how you look at it): Does (or will) Cloudflare support email redirect. That is, any email to *@mydomain.example redirected to [email protected]. No email web UI, not gimmicks, just a single field where you type your real email and anything that goes to the catch-all email on your domain gets forwarded there. And you reply to those emails from the email you used for the redirect value.

My current registrar does this and I’m reluctant to transfer the domains I have set this up on to Cloudflare because I don’t want to set up an email server and figuring out how to set up DNS so that it goes to my current ESP (Fastmail) seems like an error-prone PITA.

Does Cloudflare registrar offer this and if not, are there any plans for it?

Cloudflare does not handle email at all. You’d have to point an MX record to a host that can forward email.


Does this cloud flare app work? I have moved to cloud flare and broken my email forwarding setup. I installed an email forwarding app which is a free plugin listed in the cloudflare apps store.
I’m still not receiving email after installation and I’m looking for answers. Same as Thomas I’d prefer to use gmail then host a mailbox
[https ://](https ://

I have no idea how that app would work. It would need access to your account to add an MX record to your DNS, and get the email address associated with your account. This is no different than some free email forwarding service such as (I’ve never used them, so I have no idea if they’re any good).

Thanks for your reply sdayman, We switched to Cloudflare to improve the websites speed. The move broke the email forwarding that was free at our domain register as long as our name servers pointed to them. I’m not sure how secure this app is. This is a temporary solution for us at this time we have one mailbox and 3 staff using it.

When I first installed the Cloudflare email forwarding app it wasn’t working. After deleting the existing MX records. The app has started working and does its job as a catch-all email for the entire domain. I see this app as a good idea if you have brought an expired domain or inherited a project and don’t know the emails associated with the domain but would like to receive mail addressed to the website’s domain.

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[SOLUTION 2 Free Catch-All Email Forwarding - Easy 2 Step Setup ]

  1. Delete existing MX records
  2. Install Cloudflare Email Forwarding App (link below)
    [https ://](https ://

Okay so this issue was fixed but the emails wordpress notifications aren’t working since shifting to cloudflare they were setup with

Worth mentioning that unless you are ok with only having the generic '[email protected][yourdomain.whatever] then you’ll need to pay their premium subscription to get any custom or catch all addresses.


You can use a service like

All it takes is to edit your MX records and TXT record to points to server like this:

The document has example with cloudflare as well: Hanami - Email Forwarding Service for your domain name

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Thank you so much. Great service!