CloudFlare domain with OVH Hosting DNS setup


I would like to link a domain from CloudLfare to OVH, I have edited my DNS but it doesn’t work for, this is my DNS :

and this is my dashboard on OVH :slight_smile:

Do you have any advices ?

My dashboard from OVH

The issue is your server, it’s not properly configured.

On Cloudflare you only have a legacy security mode without encryption. That needs to be fixed as well.

Pause Cloudflare for now and get the site working on HTTPS

Thank you

I have paused as you said, but I don’t understand how to fix the “legacy security mode” you mentionned?
What could I do from OVH?


You need to enable encryption on Cloudflare by setting the encryption mode to Full Strict.

As for the server, that’s something you need to clarify with whomever maintains your server I am afraid.

Thank you very much !

Okay now I’ve updated my encryption mode to Full Strict.
I can manage the OVH server, can you tell me what I should modifiy or search for?

That very much depends on your server. You need to make sure it’s properly configured to server your site. Please refer to StackExchange or Reddit if you have particular questions on this as that is beyond the scope of the forum here I am afraid.

Can you just tell me what I should precisely ask to the OVH support please? I’m totally lost between all of these configs I’m not familiar…

You need to make sure the site loads. Is this a dedicated server? Is this a managed service? If not, they won’t help you either but you will need to reach out to your webmaster.

I am the webmaster ! :wink:
The site is loadin only on on a folder /beta, and this is a “multisite” server

Then I am afraid you need to fix the server :slight_smile:

The site needs to load fine on HTTPS before you use Cloudflare. Once it does, you can use Cloudflare and it will work.

Well, I’ve got news, I’ve set the SSL on OVH and OVH recommanded me to change the DNS so I’ve changed my Cloudlare DNS to :

But nothing changed, doesn’t seems to point to the OVH server ! Any advices ?

You seem to have installed a proper certificate and the site loads all right but without proper content. You really need to verify the server configuration and need to make sure it’s properly set up. As mentioned, I am afraid server administration is off-topic for the forum here, so please reach out to StackExchange or Reddit if something is not clear.

As you are using Apache, you can also try Apache HTTP Server Mailing Lists - The Apache HTTP Server Project

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