Cloudflare: Domain was deleted

I purchased a domain directly theough Cloudflare and, before I could even start building my website and creating email accounts, within a few weeks I received an email that the domain and/or zone was deleted. When I looked at the list of domains belonging to me, it is no longer listed and when I tried to purchase the domain again, it says it’s already taken.

I did not delete it. I don’t understand why this happened to me. I did not transfer this domain from another registrar. I purchased it through Cloudflare. I tried to reach out to Cloudflare support and haven’t been able to speak to anyone, nor has anyone responded to my support ticket yet. Meanwhile, I have already purchased business cards and letterhead with my email and domain on them, because I never thought in a million years something like this could ever happen, after getting a confirmation and receipt that I purchased a domain!

I thought Cloudflare was supposed to be superior to GoDaddy for managing domains, but I never had anything like this happen on GoDaddy. Never.

Can someone please help me resolve this? Thank you very much.

Can you just select Add a site in the same account you used to purchase the domain?

I see your ticket

If that comment is WRT ticket 2874076, it was opened 9 minutes before your post here, at least give the team time to reply before you pile on!



I see your ticket has been updated confirming that your domain’s Registration is still active, and that you should only need to add the site back to your account to bring it back.

Since the Ticket was opened first, and has received a response with a solution, I will mark this thread as Closed.
If you have any other questions, please direct them to us on the Ticket.

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I called support and left a voicemail hours prior, and never got a response so I eventually opened a ticket. I was actually referring to that, but yea, you’re right about 9 minutes not being long enough of a wait.

Piling on? Really?

I’m glad that you were able to help provide a resolution by adding the domain back in. Thank you for that. I don’t care what you see in the logs, I never deleted the zone or anything else. I purchased the domain and never touched a thing after that. Then, a few weeks later, it was no longer in the list of my domains.

Thanks again for your help.

@cloonan when did support add a phone number for paygo customers? :face_with_monocle:


Can you share the phone number you called. Enterprise customers have phone support, I suspect you reached a sales number and I want to ensure the answer on the our end properly reflects who you reach in order to set expectations.

Delighted adding it back worked, let us know if you encounter any other issues.

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I called (888) 993-5273. There were options for sales and support. I chose support and was eventually prompted to leave a voicemail Prior to that, the automated teller did mention and give options for enterprise customers, as well as information on opening a ticket on their site, and the Cloudflare community, which is how I found you guys.

From your reaction, it sounds like the number I called was intended for enterprise customers, which would explain why I never got a return call.

Well, thanks again, fellas. I appreciate the help. Have a good one.


Yes, phone support is only available on Enterprise customers :slight_smile:

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