Cloudflare Domain + VPS Hosting

Hello all. So I am looking to buying a domain directly on Cloudflare due to many benefits such as the email forwarding, DDOS protection and more.
But I would like to actually host my website on a separate VPS. I understand that this is possible by pointing the domain to the VPS IP etc but have a few questions on it.

So as said before, I know I would have to point my VPS IP to the cloudflare domain. Would I select β€œA” as the type, name: @, and the IP in the DNS management? And would that be it for complete setup?
For subdomains such as, would I add it to DNS management β€œCNAME” and access it like normal through the VPS?

Have tried to look into it but as I’m new to this sector, thought I ask just to make sure all goes well thanks!

Yes, you can do this, adding whatever DNS records you need to into the Cloudflare DNS.

Note that is a second-level subdomain so won’t be covered by the Universal SSL certificate that is created by Cloudflare (which covers and * You would either need to use the Clouflare Advanced Certificate Manager to cover and *, or use instead.

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