Cloudflare domain transfer not

I am trying to transfer domain to Cloudflare. I did the payment and but the previous registrar is not sending the confirmation email on which i can click so that transfer is completed. Up on asking there support says your new registrar didn’t initiate the transfer yet :skull:

Can anyone from team initiate the process for transfer?

Can you raise a support ticket and give us the number to check for the details of the domain?

2525991 i think my previous registrar has initiated the process and now i have to wait

What will happen if i cancel the transfer from Cloudflare dashboard. What about the payment? Anyone please tell

There’s need to be another check for disabling DNSSEC over here

I forgot to disable DNSSEC before transferring and this causes problem :neutral_face::cry:.

I had cancelled the domain transfer for my previous transfer and restarted thinking it won’t charge. Again also your cancell button on Cloudflare dashboard is not working so i cancelled from registrar and not got that refund :neutral_face: . When reinitiated the transfer thinking it won’t charge, it charged me again. can you please initiate the transfer and also refund the previous one

Ticket I’d - 2526615

Hey Cloudflare can you please help with this issue tomarrow billing team is off due to weekend

PublicDomainRegistry is my previous registrar which is used my hostinger as reseller. :neutral_face: I found out that they don’t send email to approve the transfer and i have to wait for 5 days so that they approve it automatically, they only send cancel emails. This is not what other registrar do

Than i cancelled it from the email they send thinking Dnssec was the issue, found neither that was the problem. I tried cancelling from Cloudflare dashboard but it wasn’t working (if i had cancelled through Cloudflare dashboard i won’t have incurred the charge again😶). Contacted hostinger support a lot of time they say to wait for 5 days.

So i didn’t get the refund for my first transfer. Hope i get refund soon :neutral_face:

Now i have initiated the request for transfer again from hostinger and i have to wait for 5 days unlike other registar where transfer can done in minutes

How to apply for refund for cancelled domain transfer or can I use that amount to be refunded for another domain transfer? :no_mouth:

I think waiting is the only option i have for now to complete the transfer. I just created many tickets. To focus all on one and ignore rest

#2526731 this the final ticket that needs to be solved and it’s about Cloudflare registrar refund. If anyone could help than it would be good :no_mouth:.

Which one would be faster like direct bank transfer or something like use that Amount to transfer another domain

Please don’t do that. It creates unnecessary work and slows things down for everyone who has a ticket open. You are better off to create only one ticket per issue and share that ticket number here for escalation if requested by an MVP or staff member.


+1 to that, @omnaidu really really really do not do that. 2526731 is the surviving ticket. I closed the others to ensure my colleagues are not distracted by multiple tickets, it results in a slow down in reply time to you and everyone else you’re trying to push in front of.

Next, no, the team cannot take action on your behalf.

No you will not be charged for services you do not receive. If a duplicate charge was made, the team will correct it as per their policies in place (i.e., they are not going to bank transfer funds).