Cloudflare Domain Status Bug

Why everytime when I try to add a domain to Cloudflare during the DNS process, it always show me that the domain is in pending state as you can see in the picture? The domain is definitely already active…

Hey! Have you pointed your domain at Cloudflare’s name servers? Could you share the domain in question? Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, I’ve definitely pointed the domain to Cloudflare. I’m sorry that I’m not ready to reveal the domain yet. But in the DNS setting it show no more errors as you can see in the screen shot. It just appear every time when I try to add a domain to Cloudflare during the DNS process

Thanks for the image and for clarifying. Though you might want to remove the image as the domain is visible in the MX record alert card at the top. What are the name servers you have been assigned by Cloudflare (those are listed in section just below)?

It’s and

Hmm, I agree. The domain is using the correct name servers and definitely seems to be up and running. If you go to the overview page, is there an option to “check NS records”?

Nope, it’s empty and showing the message ‘Great news! Cloudflare is now protecting your site’

When you say “add a domain to Cloudflare during the DNS process” - your zone is by definition not active at that point. You should not point your Nameservers to us until you are prompted to do so in the UI.

Are you still seeing the message once you have completed the “add domain” process?


I didn’t see the error message in the DNS setting after the ‘add domain’ process. I’m just afraid Cloudflare will not update the status itself and delete this zone automatically afterward. Should I remove the site from Cloudflare and re-add the site again but this time only point to Cloudflare when it asks to

I were trying to re-add the website but It seems like the error still showing even I didn’t point to Cloudflare before it asks me to…

That means the zone is no longer pending…. A zone won’t be immediately active when added. The message in the original screenshot was informational.

Why would you do that? It’s been 4 hours since you first pointed the domain to a Cloudflare nameservers.

What specifically isn’t working at this point?

I see, I’m just worrying the status won’t be updated as it doesn’t has a proper way of showing whether the zone is active or not. If the message ‘Great news! Cloudflare is now protecting your site’ means the zone is active now, then I can rest assure…

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