Cloudflare Domain SSL Error on Clickfunnels

Hello All,

Recently I’ve been trying to connect my click funnels pages to my Cloudflare hosted domain. Unfortunately when I do that there are unexpected errors in both the live preview and on the live page as well. I’ve contacted multiple support teams from my other sites and I’ve been told it’s an SSL error. I’ve been provided this image. If anyone has any info that could help it would be super appreciated.

Not sure what unexpected errors in the page translates to, but that sounds like a clickfunnels issue. If you want Cloudflare to serve SSL for that domain you can :orange: the record in DNS, but the page it is pointing to is likely not correct.

The DNS screenshot they provided you has nothing to do with whatever errors you are seeing in the preview. They are (at best) informational alerts from Mx toolbox, but our serial format is valid and their recommendation on the TL for an SOA is just that… their recommendation. Neither of these would have any impact on the SSL issue you’re seeing.

Are you following these steps to connect to Clickfunnels?

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