Cloudflare Domain Setup

Hi All,

I purchased a new domain, but i dont see a place to configure my web hosting with this. (not able to configure the nameservers. I am having a namecheap web hosting account and I want to use it with a new domain for a wordpress based website. Anyone know how to do this ?

Hi All,

I found the solution here

[type or paste code here](

simply you cannot change nameservers, instead, you can point your domain to the hosting using an A record and perform domain validation from the hosting side. all the details are there in the above link. I was thinking to transfer the domain, but now I’m still with Cloudflare and everything works perfectly.

If you mean you registered the domain with Cloudflare, then no, you cannot change the nameservers but have to use Cloudflare’s DNS services and configure the necessary records there.

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