Cloudflare domain registration transfer conditions not met

Hi I went through the process this morning to transfer my Domain Name from Ionos to Cloudflare, since I thought it would simplify things. However, I just came back in, and I see " domain registration transfer conditions not met "
There seems no way to alter anything or does it mean things are progressing ? It says domains are supported on Cloudflare ?

Thanks in advance.

Hello there,

Would you be specific in this regard?

Else, I see your domain is in the process of propagation. Its almost done except a few locations. Otherwise, your site is already added to Cloudflare and been protected by Cloudflare.

Yes. They are supported

Hi Neiljay…

Yes, after going round in circles I finally found where to locate progress of the transfer, which I cannot complete until I have the IPS tag from Cloudflare. IONOS, my current registrar will not progress until I have it ! NO idea how to locate the IPS tag.

Thanks for the reply

The IPS tag is: Cloudflare

For more information read here:


My Hero !!

Thank You so much, it’s easy when you know how.
I don’t have a scooby, lol !!

Cheers !

Awesome. :smiley: You can now close the post as solved!

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