Cloudflare Domain Registration, custom DNS & able to transfer out?


Congratulations that Cloudflare now become a domain registrar.

My team have a few questions to about the domain issues.

  1. Is the domain registration coming? (not just the “transfer” function)
  2. Can domains bought from Cloudflare use custom DNS? (okay with disabling protection)
  3. Can domains bought from(or transferred to) Cloudflare transfer to other provider later?

Please advise, thank you very much.

  1. At some point, currently not known when.
  2. Currently that is not possible.
  3. This is an ICANN obligation and domains can be transferred out after 60 days.

For more concrete answers you might want to contact support.



Thank you for the answers.

It would be more flexible if custom DNS function is available.

Alternatively, we would like to suggest a new feature: Independent team for each domain.

Therefore, each team members can only manage their responsible domains, instead of all domains in the master account.

Hope it would be considered, thank you.