Cloudflare domain pointed to namehero Nameservers

I pointed the Cloudflare domain to namehero Nameservers
I whited 1 day but still shows that I’m using Cloudflare Nameservers (via dnshero)

If your domain is registered with Cloudflare Registrar, you cannot change nameserver.
You’d have to transfer out your domain first, therefore you can change your domain nameservers at your new domain registrar to any other applicable.

May I ask you to share a domain name so we could check too? :thinking:

Except, if you switched your hosting provider to Namehero, therefore as far as I remember they also use Cloudflare and the domain setup can be full/partial, therefore you pointed to the given CF namehero nameservers? :thinking:

Was the DNSSEC feature disabled before you’ve done that at Cloudflare dashboard?

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