Cloudflare Domain "not resolvable" at Server Host but site is visible?


My domain is registered with Cloudflare.

I set my root A name record to my Server Host IP.

I can view my files (ie: site went live), BUT

(1) In my Hosting panel it says "domain is not resolvable and therefore.
(2) It will not let me add an SSL certificate

Yet the sire shows as secure.

This seems odd that my Server says not resolvable yet I can see the site, and it shows as secure but will not let me ad an SSL??

Anyone else go through this same thing?

How do I fix this.

My A Records are proxied.

It sounds like your host may be expecting to see their server IP returned when querying your hostname. You would need to set the record to :grey: DNS Only to satisfy that requirement. Note that will bypass all Cloudflare features.

Thanks Epic,

I tried changing it but it did not affect, but I didn’t wait 24 hours after doing that.

I will go to DNA only and see if it is any different tomorrow.

It is not a guarantee that is the underlying cause. For a better answer, you may want to ask your host what they are trying to communicate with that error status.

Thank you. I tried changing ot DNA only again and it resolved, but now I am geting an error installing an SSL certificate at my server (which does not show the site as insecure).

I wouldn’t think that I would need to turn SSL “OFF” in Cloudflare if it is going straight through to my server, but perhaps the default SSL install on Cloudflare is blocking my domain??

Anyone ever have that issue - an SSL not installing on your hosting server?

Keep the hostname set to :grey: DNS Only while you work with your host to resolve the issue on their server.

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