Cloudflare domain in website configuration

My website is running Joomla CMS, and I am using a plugin to access Cloudflare CDN. In the setup of the plugin I am required to enter the Cloudflare CDN domain for my account. How can I find this?

It’s the APEX domain or the FQDN of your service.
for example

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Thanks for the quick reply! How will putting my own site’s FQDN in the plugin point the site to my Cloudflare account? I would have thought it would be something like “” or similar.

There are over all two things to do.

  1. in your Cloudflare Dashboard point the wanted DNS Entry to you servers IP
  2. in you Joomla Plugin provide all requested infos, so your Plugin can for example purge Cache when changes occur. And take control over the needed parts of your Cloudflare account.

Oh, okay. That makes sense. Thank you so much!!

You are welcome. Make these changes and come back if you have any more questions.
And if it worked we would be more then happy to know that this is solved :slight_smile:

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