Cloudflare Domain & Hosting?

Hello Fellow Cloudflare Community Members,

I was wondering how your domain registration works. Because how do I host my website and benefit from Cloudflare services because doesn’t your nameservers only allow 2?

Thanks and sorry if this seems like a silly question,


Currently Cloudflare does not register new domains at all, but you can only transfer in.

Yes I was going to transfer in my domain (because the place I got it from rn is ■■■■) I was just wondering how do I host this domain like how is it live on the www? Because from my understanding domain and hosting are 2 different things.

So my question is how would I host my domain and get the benefits of Cloudflare?

Thanks a bunch for your reply!

They are two different things. Cloudflare does not host at all. They are a DNS provider with a primary focus on frontend security services, in the form of a reverse proxy, and now also offer registrar services, hence you can transfer domains to them. You will still need hosting from somewhere else.

Oh okay :smile:
Just to clear up, I will get hosting from another platform but transfering my domain will still give my all the Cloudflare benefits like security levels and rate limiting?

Thanks a bunch @sandro :wink:

For that you dont necessarily have to transfer your domain. In order to use the security features of Cloudflare you need to tunnel/proxy your site’s traffic through Cloudflare and its reverse proxies.

In its most basic form Cloudflare is a DNS provider, additionally (and that is what most people use it for) you can proxy your traffic and use the security measures they offer. Once more additionally, and optionally, you can transfer your domain to them and use their registrar services.

What is your use case? Who is your current domain registrar?

Just a general business website. My current domain registrar was brought and manged through but they brought it through according to WhoIs. My question is that even if I do transfer my domain to Cloudflare could I still benefit from features and host via a 3rd party?

So you are with a reseller of Namesilo in other words, right?

Whether you transfer or not is your choice, it does not affect if and how you can use Cloudflare’s security services and you will have to host via a third party anyhow.

Even if you want to transfer the domain to Cloudflare you’d have to add it to Cloudflare in a regular fashion first anyhow. Then, once that is working, I’d probably move away from a reseller, either to any other registrar or Cloudflare.

Thank You for your time @sandro have a wonderful day and thanks for answering my questions :smile: