Cloudflare domain giving request invalid error and opening link from another website clear session

Hello Team,

Our application is live and we experiencing a major issue due to Cloudflare. It impact our sale and its super urgent. Please provide us solutions for both problems. We create same estore on different -2 domains but we face two major issues only with the Cloudflare domains :-

  1. our domain is an eCommerce platform where user purchase products. But when user come from multiple countries visit our store than he is not able complete purchase becuase Cloudflare give issue as per attached screenshot. Awesome Screenshot
  1. When we open the platform from link of another website than it clear the session for the store . Example if we open this url ( than session data is still we can see in the platform. But when open the same link from any button than session is cleared. Same issue we never face on any store which are not on Cloudflare. it is working fine on other domains.

Hi @developer51 ,

First of all I’m unable to open the domain it gives me DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN I’m trying it to view it from India

How can you confirm that Cloudflare gives that issue I haven’t see that issue from Cloudflare I searched for that Issue but I can’t see any issue like that which is releated to Cloudflare

Can you confirm the issue is from Cloudflare by
Login > Dashboard > Advanced Actions > Pause Cloudflare on site

If the issue still occurs I don’t think so this is somewhat releated to Cloudflare

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