Cloudflare domain fails to load as naked domain

i bought a domain a cloudflare domain to use with a google site.
the naked domain does not work
I already made a page rule and it doesnt work

You’ll need a :orange: Proxied record for that rule to work.

Create an “AAAA” record for @ with an IP address of 100:: and set it to :orange: Proxied.

Then your rule will work.

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google sites does not have IP adress

Ok, then what is it you need help with?

idk how make the cloudflare naked domain work with google sites because google sites does not have ip adress

Did you try to follow the instructions I provided?

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We know this. That is why the placeholder IP of 100:: was suggested. You have to have a proxied hostname in your Cloudflare DNS if you expect your rule to work.

Page Rules are being retired. While you can still use them, you will eventually need to replace it.You may want to use a redirect rule now instead. There is even a step-by-step Tutorial.

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