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I can see that for a custom nameserver you need a business plan but I just want to use nameservers from elsewhere. There is an option to enter a “NS” record so should I add these records for my external nameservers and if I do, does that negate the Cloudflare ones?



Sorry, but even the custom name servers in a Business Plan are just renamed Cloudflare name servers. To use external name servers, you’d have to have an Enterprise Plan, or be a Cloudflare Partner.

Thanks @sdayman . Not the answer I’d hoped for but rather suspected. With the Business plan at $200 per month I know I don’t want to ask about an Enterprise plan.

Thanks again.

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That’s a CNAME setup, also available on the business plan.

CNAME setup!

Please excuse my ignorance. How so?

I want the nameservers for my domain to be, ns2.mynserver,net etc.

Thanks for the link. I will have a look at it. However, my main motivation for registering domains in Cloudflare is to be able to setup DNSSEC and I suspect that might not work.

Also, $200 a month for some domain registrations is too steep.

I appreciate the replies here though so thanks again.

Most registrars can accommodate DNSSEC. Just make sure they support Algorithm 13. They’re supposed to, but some don’t.

The registrar I’m currently using told me they don’t hence my looking elsewhere. They told me they were unable to create a DS record.

I have my registrations split pretty evenly between Cloudflare, Porkbun, and Gandi. All support DNSSEC for my sites at Cloudflare.

Cloudflare registrar require using their name servers so, that ont be compatible with your desire to use an alternative DNS provider.

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