CloudFlare Domain DNS to ServerIP


I registered a Domain with Cloudflare and setup 2 DNS Entries:

A                 @           IPadress
Cname     www

I did the check and all looking good but the Domains don’t reach my Server IP. What I did wrong or forget?

If you mean that you don’t see your server IP when connecting to your domain, that’s expected and how Cloudflare works (Cloudflare acts as a proxy to protect the IP of your server). If the site is working fine you are OK.

If your site is not working fine then you need to check to see that your origin server is set up correctly and accepting connections on port 443 over HTTPS.

No No … you understand me wrong.

I registered a Domain by Cloudflare … in Dashboard of the Domain I selected the DNS and setting up a A Name and a Name Record.
The A Name is pointed to the Server IP.
The Cname is pointed to the Domain Name.

If I open a Browser now and use my Domain as URL to open it, I can’t reach my Server.

So I don’t know what’s wrong?

To start with, make sure the DNS records are unproxied (grey-clouded) and make sure everything works perfectly, then once you’re confident everything is solid, you can consider orange-clouding your DNS entries, one at a time, with proper testing after every change to identify exactly when something breaks. This will narrow down the issue. And please post the domain as well as exactly what error(s) you’re seeing.

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