Cloudflare Domain deleted problem with NS Servers

Good evening,

24 hours ago I deleted my domain from Cloudflare.

I thought that deleting the domain would automatically update the DNS domains.

It’s been over 24 hours since I deleted my domain from Cloudflare… But DNS Lookup informs me of Cloudflare’s dns servers.

In my hosting I have my dns servers correctly configured.

Why is Cloudflare’s DNS still available? How much longer should I wait? Thank you

Just to confirm, did you update the nameservers at your registrar? If so then it doesn’t matter whether Cloudflare still serves records as nobody will ask (at least, not beyond the TTL period, which could be hours to 3 days).

With that being said, I believe Cloudflare still answers for at least a few days. I haven’t tested further.

But note that deleting a Cloudflare account will definitely not change the nameservers, you need to update the nameservers yourself.

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Thank you very much for your answer.

My website seems to work but it is giving some problems:

Today I bought an SSL certificate for my domain on my hosting.

Automatically my hosting added the certificate in my cname.

This certificate is pending validation.

My hosting tells me that the problem is that the DNS is pointing to cloudflare. It’s just a matter of time?

Thank you

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