Cloudflare Domain Client-Owned, Site Associated with our Cloudflare Account

Okay, so Cloudflare has the best deals on domains, so I tell my clients to transfer them there.

But my clients’ sites are already associated with my account.

Can they transfer and maintain ownership of the domain without having to take the site out of our account?

Most of our clients don’t even know what DNS is. They surely don’t want to deal with updating entries. But I want them to own their own domain - and at the lowest price - having integrity and all.

Cloudflare domain registrations are pretty restrictive. Unless you’re totally committed to them on your account, I suggest you spend the money and register them elsewhere. After all, for just one domain, it’s just a few extra dollars per year for registration. I have about half of mine registered here, and half elsewhere.

Short answer: Your situation isn’t going to work. I totally get what you’re going for, but this arrangement doesn’t accommodate that.

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I had a feeling. I guess I’ll be sending clients to other domain registrar options.


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