Cloudflare doesn't use a Host header when pointing subdomain through CNAME

I don’t know where this is supposed to go, however the description of this thread said it’d be moved if it wasn’t in the right category.

I’m trying to point a subdomain on my custom domain to a Glitch domain(for communicating with Node) and I am able to make a CNAME pointing to it, however whenever going to the subdomain Glitch greets me with a 404 page. I looked in devtools and noticed there wasn’t a Host header and I assume this is the issue. Is there anyway I can solve this problem?

I still haven’t recieved any response?
All help is appreciated thanks.

I’m not familiar with Glitch, so can only suggest you contact Support. Or have you already?

We send the host header with the request. However the origin is not configured to accept the host header in the request which is your sub(domain). The same behavior occurs whether the record is :orange: or :grey:.

It does not appear that glitch has a mechanism to designate additional supported CNAME aliases for the host. At Cloudflare unless you are on an ENT plan we don’t allow you to change the host header unfortunately for security reasons.

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