Cloudflare doesn't support Nodejs's PushStream

When I tried to use Cloudflare CDN to enable server push of my http/2 origin, I got an error as follow:
Error [ERR_HTTP2_PUSH_DISABLED]: HTTP/2 client has disabled push streams
at ServerHttp2Stream.pushStream (internal/http2/core.js:2375:13)
I’m pretty sure that the implementation of my origin server is correct since I verified it without Cloudflare CDN and it worked. I used the code “stream.pushStream()” in Nodejs. I don’ know the support of Cloudflare CDN in pushStream, so I create this topic. Additionally, I know that Cloudflare support using Link header to enable server push, but I really don’t understand the example in the Cloudflare’s blog. I need some examples, thanks!

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