CloudFlare doesn't stop all DDoS Attacks

I’m a customer of magic transit and have noticed there are still attacks coming through to my server despite it being protected by magic transit. CloudFlare claims they can stop and and every DDoS attack, but they don’t.
Even common attacks they speak of having blocked are still coming through to the server such as DNS amplification, Memcached amplification, and even SYN floods. Does anyone know why CloudFlare claims to block all DDoS attacks when they know this isn’t true?

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That would be an example of begging the question. They don’t claim that.

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Did you not see the picture I attached which was in their webinar about DDoS attacks, they were referring to their network being able to “absorb any DDoS attack”, and the person hosting the webinar also said it stops all DDoS attacks from reaching the clients server.

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I did indeed see your picture which is why I pointed out is was a an example of begging the question. Your insistence on doubling down on a spurious accusation in the face of clear evidence to the contrary simply confirms it.

I have no idea how your Magic Transit configuration is set and you provide no details or information for anyone so it is impossible to even begin to form an intelligent position about where the problem may lie.

Cloudflare offers always on on demand filtering. You didn’t bother to state what version you are running. They also offer a base set of protections or customized based on customer needs and you provided zero data. Perhaps you should consider contacting your account team to discuss your concerns and the issues you are seeing. As a Magic Transit customer I believe they provided you with contact details and yet it seems you turned to the community to discuss your ‘concerns’? Curiouser and curiouser indeed.

Perhaps you think DDoS mitigation is Magic? If so I have some beans I am looking to sell…

They can, but they dont do that necessarily automatically and especially lower plans require manual configuration and monitoring.

Considering you are using Magic Transit, I’d assume you are on an Enterprise plan, is that correct? If so, I’d simply talk to the assigned support engineer. That should get you more actionable advice.

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