Cloudflare doesn't seen to be working on my website

I have set cloudflare some years ago on my website but when I test my website speed performance it returns very slow metrics, especially Time to First Byte. I am not sure that clouldflare is properly working on my website. Perhaps the DNS settings are not correct?


you have not shared your domain or any other information, so it’s hard to say anything definitive.

Generally, Cloudflare wouldn’t do much to improve your TTFB. It’s actually quite likely that Cloudflare would slow down your TTFB.

The exception here is if you use Cloudflare to cache html, for example with the Wordpress plugin.

Hi, thanks for the answer. The domain is

Yes, that’s as expected. You can see that the first request takes a long time (it is not cached by Cloudflare), but then the others are almost immediate (they are cached by Cloudflare):