Cloudflare doesn't see changes in NS records


For the domain baoholding_com changed NS servers to the ones needed for Cloudflare a few days ago. DIG services has been seeing updates for a long time, but Cloudflare still doesn’t see them.

What can be done?


Thank you for asking.

I double-checked and it seems to me like you’ve added the given Cloudflare nameservers to the so called “private nameservers” (NS type of DNS records) for your domain, instead of changing the domain nameservers which are still pointing to the digitalocean (ns1, ns2, ns3) at your domain registrar. Just for feedback information, I tought the DNSSEC is the issue, but not, neither used so far.

Kindly, may I ask you to check this again with your domain registrar - GoDaddy?

May I share few posts with pictures for you just to re-check if it’s still related to GoDaddy interface (old vs new) and domain nameserver change:


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