Cloudflare doesnt resolve domain or DNS at all

Hello. I have registered new domain and changed name servers to Cloudflare. Cloudflare says that it’s already protecting my website. And even though I added DNS for root, which should be, this still doesnt exist at all.

It’s unclear what you’re asking, both the apex domain and www subdomain do resolve, you have them orange-clouded so they resolve to Cloudflare IPs, that’s normal, requests are being sent to your origin server (or an origin server at least; wherever you have the DNS entries pointing to) but the origin server is responding with a 404 for both.

I would recommend grey-clouding all your DNS entries initially so simply troubleshooting, do thorough testing to make sure everything is working perfectly, then you can considering orange-clouding your DNS entries, one at a time, doing thorough testing after every change.

But normally when I try to go to existing DNS entry, even tho it’s not properly set up on server, it will atleast show some CF custom page that server didnt resolve it just CF

Change the DNS entries to grey-clouded (DNS only) and post a screenshot of your DNS page

Okay so you have then both pointing to an IP – is it the correct IP?

Even when proxying the traffic through Cloudflare, the server still returns a 404. This is something the server is doing, not Cloudflare.

Is this your own server, like a VPS? Do you have shell access to it? Or is it a web host?

Have you checked the configuration on the server? Have you checked the logs on the server?

If it’s your server, you should be able to determine why it’s returning a 404. If you don’t have proper access to the server you may have to ask the server owner to take a look.

Your “traefik” subdomain returns a 403 instead of a 404 – again, this is a direct response from your server, the traffic is not actually passing through Cloudflare anymore and the issue persists, so you’ll have to check configuration & logs on the server

I am actually getting NOT_FOUND for traefic as wel

again these responses are coming from the server, not from Cloudflare

if you’re the server owner, you’ll have to log into the server and figure out why on your own

if you’re not the server owner, you’ll have to ask the server owner what’s going on

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